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HoM COVID Response

April 3, 2020

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At Hands On Moving and Storage, we are taking a number of steps to mitigate the risk of spreading the coronavirus during a move. Whether you use our services or not, always ask your mover about the steps they are taking to reduce the risk - don’t be afraid to ask questions!

We’d like to now share with you the measures we are taking to minimize coronavirus


• Greeting customers with alternatives to handshakes

• Providing virtual estimates rather than in-person / on site moving estimates

• Practicing good hygiene with frequent hand washing while out in the field and at our warehouse.

• Movers using gloves and hand sanitizer during moves

• Social distancing or maintaining at least 6 feet of space from customers

• Customers tagging furniture items that are going and tagging the respected areas in new home where they want their furniture. This allow our customers to have the option to not be present during the loading and unloading process.

• Limiting only 1-2 people to be present on moving day. We welcome you to learn more in-depth look at how we are keeping you safe during your relocation.

Virtual Surveys

With video technology, we do not need to come to your home to assess your moving and storage needs. To reduce the risk of COVID-19, we’re offering our clients the option to do a virtual survey by way of video conferencing. 

Expanded In-House Sanitation

We are increasing sanitation and housekeeping efforts in our offices and warehouses. This includes frequent disinfecting of keypads, restrooms, countertops, interior of trucks, door handles and moving equipment. Non-essential visitors are also limited to entering our workspace.

Pre-Move Wellness Checks for Customers & Movers

Before each move, we encourage our customers to contact us to explain if they, or anyone in their home, has or may have contracted coronavirus, or are isolating to limit exposure. This also includes any sickness that develops a fever. At this time, we are working with our customers to reschedule moves to mitigate the risk for team members and other customers.

Additionally, we are contacting our customers the day before moving day to ask if anyone feels ill or have had suspected contact with someone infected with coronavirus.

We are taking the same safety precautions internally amongst our team members on a daily basis. Movers and staff who feel ill or suspect they have had contact with someone who is infected are instructed not to come to work.

Social Distancing

One of the most crucial steps we are taking as a company is implementing social distancing protocols. After arriving at a customer’s location, team members will maintain a 6-foot social distance and avoid touching or handshaking.

Changes to Staff Scheduling

In an effort to reduce large gatherings at our office, we are reducing risk by staggering shift start times among our team members. Crews are also assisted with heading out to their designated move with supplies such as gloves and hand sanitizer

Limited interactions by tagging furniture

In an effort to put our customers at ease, we are offering our customers the option to not be present during the loading and unloading process. We ask that they tag furniture items that are going and indicating the respected areas in their new home where they want their items placed. 

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