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Hacks For Packing Your Suitcase Efficiently

July 21, 2022

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Hacks For Packing Your Suitcase Efficiently
Are you getting ready to relocate and looking for some packing tips? Continue reading for some hacks on how to pack your suitcase efficiently.

Packing may appear to be a difficult task, but thanks to local movers in your area who can assist you with packing, and clever hacks up your sleeves you can make this process even less daunting. We usually envision using cardboard boxes or plastic bins to pack our belongings, but few belongings can be easily packed in the suitcases that we already have. Suitcases are a huge benefit and are very convenient to carry anywhere.

In addition to saving you from having to buy more boxes, doing this will make it simpler for you to locate essential things, especially during the first week in your new abode. If you are wondering what items can fit best in the suitcase, and what’s the best way to pack them, then read on to know more.


1. Clothes


Packing clothes in your suitcase is one of the most backbreaking tasks. Making sure to pack maximum clothes without leaving out anything can be exhausting,  but with these few hacks, you can pack your clothes with ease.

  • The roll method

 The roll method is one of the most distinctive methods. Light and soft clothing like t-shirts, casual shirts, and tops must be rolled so that they do not take up too much space and do not wrinkle easily in the suitcase.

  • Fold nicer clothing 

The folding method is appropriate for tough garments such as denim, formal clothes like skirts, blazers, starched shirts, party dresses and trousers. 

  • Packing cubes

 Packing cubes are rectangular-shaped zippered fabric containers that are used to categorize your belongings and make them easier to find in your suitcase. It prevents the garments from getting tangled and damaged, and makes it easier to rearrange the clothes into closets once you start unpacking. 


2. Shoes

Shoes have the most irregular shape and size that cannot be folded or rolled and that makes them more complicated to pack. But here is a simple hack to adjust your shoes in the suitcase.

  • Pack your shoes in a separate ziplock bag, as they may touch your garments within it.
  • Enclose small items in your shoes such as jewelery, glasses, chargers, socks, and other smaller things to free up space for other items.


3. Accessories

Accessories are valuable, and you cannot risk looking into those missing bits. You could organize your jewelery and accessories in a small bag. To keep them from tangling, wrapping them in soft clothing is an alternative procedure. Place these bags in the suitcase between the clothes, it adds an extra layer of protection.


4. Toiletries

A well-designed toiletries kit is the ultimate hack to pack them efficiently, as they have small compartments which can hold different essential items in one go. Make sure you invest in an affordable but the right kit. Look out for any leaks that might ruin your whole suitcase. Place it right on the top while packing the suitcase since you may need it as the first thing after moving into a new place.

You can secure the entire content of the suitcase in place by finally tucking in a couple of plastic bags, which will also come in handy in case you want to separate dirty clothes, or used towels.

If you need help with packing and moving then get in touch with Commercial movers in CT to get a free estimate.

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