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February 1, 2024

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When moving to a new home, nothing is more crucial than having the right moving supplies on hand. Learn more about the different types of moving boxes from our experts.

Embark on a smooth and secure moving journey with our expert guide featuring various moving box solutions. Whether you're packing clothing, kitchenware, fragile items, or electronic devices, our meticulously selected range of boxes guarantees top-notch protection for your belongings throughout the relocation process. From the adaptable standard moving boxes to the specialized design of wardrobe boxes, dish barrel boxes with enhanced insulation for delicate items, and mirror boxes ensuring the safety of fragile artwork – we've got your moving needs covered. For a stress free move, contact the best residential moving company in Stamford, CT. 


Commonly selected by those preparing for a move, standard Moving Boxes offer flexibility with a selection of sizes to accommodate a variety of items. Ideal for packing clothes, books, kitchenware, and miscellaneous household goods, these boxes are available in small (1.5 cubic feet), medium (3.0 cubic feet), and large (4.5 cubic feet) sizes, ensuring a convenient and efficient packing process for all your possessions.


Discover a range of wardrobe boxes, uniquely crafted with a sleek, vertical design and featuring a convenient built-in hanging rod, streamlining the process of transitioning your garments seamlessly from closet to box. Tailored to meet the demands of transporting hanging items like dresses, suits, and coats effortlessly, these boxes are the perfect solution for your wardrobe transfer needs. With dimensions typically around 24 inches in width and 24 inches in depth, our wardrobe boxes offer a practical and stylish solution to make your garment relocation hassle-free.




Dish Barrel Boxes are meticulously crafted to provide unparalleled protection for your delicate belongings during the moving process. These boxes boast a robust design that goes above and beyond, offering enhanced insulation to safeguard fragile items such as dishes and glassware. Tailored for the careful packing of your kitchen essentials, tableware, and glassware, dish barrel boxes are the ideal choice when you need to ensure the safety of your cherished items. With sizes that exceed the standard, these boxes are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of dish sizes, providing you with the perfect packaging solution for your fragile belongings to make your move a seamless and secure experience for your most delicate possessions.



Mirror Boxes are intricately designed to protect delicate items such as artwork, mirrors, and other fragile flat objects while in transit. Carefully crafted for securely transporting framed pictures, mirrors, and artistic pieces, these sleek, low-profile boxes deliver protection. Tailored to accommodate a variety of frame and mirror dimensions, these boxes come in a range of sizes to provide customized safeguarding for a diverse array of valuable items. Rely on these mirror boxes to guarantee your cherished possessions safe and secure transportation. 



TV Boxes are intricately crafted and exceptionally versatile containers designed to meet the diverse needs of transporting televisions. Through careful engineering, these adaptable boxes guarantee a secure and stable moving experience for flat-screen TVs of various sizes. Customized to accommodate the specific dimensions of different televisions, these boxes provide a personalized and protective solution for relocating your electronic devices. Whether you own a compact television or a larger screen, these boxes offer a tailored and reliable fit, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable electronic equipment during the transportation process.



Mattress Boxes are thoughtfully designed to shield your mattresses from dirt, dust, and potential damage while in transit. Crafted with precision and care, these elongated boxes offer an optimal solution for transporting mattresses and box springs with the utmost protection. These boxes are available in a variety of sizes, catering to twin, full, queen, and king-sized mattresses, guaranteeing a secure and customized fit for diverse mattress dimensions. Enhance your moving experience with these purpose-built boxes, providing unmatched defense against external elements, preserving the integrity of your mattresses, and ensuring they reach their destination in impeccable condition.




File boxes are an innovatively designed solution to ensure a distinctive and carefully crafted approach to safeguarding your documents and files during the relocation process. These containers have been planned to deliver exceptional protection for your crucial paperwork and office files. Tailored for optimal transportation, file boxes display both durability and security. With a range of sizes available, these expertly crafted boxes effortlessly accommodate standard file dimensions.


Need the perfect moving boxes for your upcoming move? Contact the New home movers in Hartford, CT

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