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5 Items Movers will not Transport

July 25, 2019

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5 Items Movers will not Transport

Your local moving company in Stamford, Connecticut presenting some information about the items movers will not transport.

Packing can definitely be a drag. Know what can make it worse? Including items that can’t or shouldn’t be moved by professional movers. There are few things worse than thinking you’re prepared and then having those hopes squashed when your moving company informs you that instead, the items in your boxes cannot be transported to your new home. 

To help save you some stress, we’ve put together a list of items that you should leave behind or pack in your own personal vehicle on moving day. 

Items that Many Professional Movers Will Not Transport

Perishable Food Items 

It’s time to eat! Many moving companies recommend leaving perishable food items behind during a big move to prevent unwanted pests or contamination from improper refrigeration. To prepare for a move and prevent food waste, pack up items and give them to friends or a local food pantry.

Hazardous Materials 

As obvious as it seems, do not attempt to pack any hazardous materials such as fuel, chemicals, propane tanks or even paint. For liability reasons, moving companies will not transport these materials to your new home. You will need to properly dispose of these chemicals according to your local jurisdiction. 

Irreplaceable Valuables

While it’s possible to get additional insurance to cover valuable objects, you may be more at ease traveling with these items on your person. Valuables such as family heirlooms, cash, jewelry and antiques could get lost in the shuffle or even damaged in transport. If the items are something that to you, are irreplaceable, we recommend packing it with the items you plan to bring in your personal vehicle. 


This may surprise you but sometimes plants and flowers are on a moving company’s list of prohibited materials. Each state carries its own set of rules regarding plants and flowers and if you’re moving across lines, this could put the moving company at risk if they’re stopped for an inspection. In regards to a long distance move, it may also be a bad idea to leave your plants and flowers inside without temperature regulations for the duration of the move. Don’t fret though if you have plants. You can always get in touch with your moving company to ask their rules or transport them yourself, based on the requirements in your new home’s city. 


Your pets should always travel with you in your personal vehicle during a move. Many moving companies will refuse to transport living animals anyways, but most importantly, it can ultimately be dangerous for them to move with the other items in the moving truck or van. Before a big move, we recommend getting in touch with your veterinarian to discuss best practices for transporting your pet so their trip is safe and comfortable. 

Do you need assistance or have questions about transporting additional items during your move? We’re here to help. Reach out to our local moving team  today to get the answers to all your moving day questions.

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