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February 9, 2023

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6 tips for moving and packing a kegerator
If you own a kegerator but are unsure of how to properly pack it and transport it to your new location, then these six tips will help you pack and move a kegerator without a hitch.

A refrigeration system created specifically to serve draught beer is known as a kegerator. You might find it complicated to pack and move a kegerator. To ensure your kegerator is in good condition during your transit, follow these few tips that we have put together. If you need assistance with moving contact our Local movers.

  1. Cleaning products like cloth, cleaning liquid, and a brush to completely clean the kegerator
  2. Blankets or wrapping paper 
  3. Rope
  4. Bubble wraps
  5. Packing boxes or cardboard boxes
  6. Other accessories such as tape, scissors, and papers.


The kegerator should be completely defrosted and cleaned on the inside and the out after you remove any beverages from it. To prevent electric shocks or leaks during transit, be sure to turn off all the utilities. When reassembling them, disconnecting hoses and taps can make them simple and easy to install. 


You might find the door of the kegerator to be loose and difficult to handle while packing. Use a rope to tie the kegerator all the way around so that it won't simply swing open while being moved. To be extra cautious, secure the door with tape.


Make sure to clean and remove any shelves from a kegerator before you start packing it. Leaving the shelves inside the kegerator will only make it difficult to move it, as there is always a fear of causing damage. 

The shelves should be placed aside in a secure location after being wrapped in bubble wrap or a blanket.

  • PACK

You can pack the kegerator with the help of a blanket. Be sure to secure the ends so the blanket won't easily come off. To reduce the risk of tripping over other objects while loading them into the truck, position the kegerator upright against the corner.


Place a label sticker that says "fragile item" on the kegerator that is packed. This might help the movers to identify the item easily and be careful while reassembling. 

If you have more questions about your forthcoming move, our Professional moving company will help you find the best answers for you.

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