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4 Tips for Packing Your Things In Storage

October 1, 2020

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4 Tips for Packing Your Things In Storage

You may want to downsize your home or you might be trapped between two cities in a transition. Whichever reason, you might be looking for temporary storage for some of your possessions.

When it comes to inadequate space to store your things, renting a self-storage unit can be a successful way to fix your immediate problems. And while at Hands-On-Moving we offer cost-effective and easily accessible storage facilities readily available regardless of which city or town you are moving to in the states, we encourage our customers to take adequate measures while packing items for storage so that there are no damages.

Here are a few tips on how to pack storage items so that your precious items remain perfectly safe until you use them again.

Consider which items to keep in storage

The idea of storing particular household objects for a certain amount of time suggests that right now you don't need such things, but in the near future, you plan to do so. And, of course, you simply don't have the space to accommodate them at home.

  • Pack just the stuff that you really want to use again. Because the larger the storage unit, the more things you prepare to stow away, the more money you will need to spend.
  • Before you start preparing them for storage, check each of your stuff carefully. If it is not important, sentimental, or beneficial in any way, you shouldn't keep an object.

Make a list of inventories

You should have determined what things to prepare for long-term or short-term storage, depending on your needs, by now.

  • Make a thorough list of all the things you intend to store simply because in the middle of a busy and chaotic house movement, it's easy to overlook what you have in your storage space.
  • Start making a few copies of the master content list and simply keep them in different safe locations. For fast reference, keep an electronic copy of the inventory list online.
  • In the case your belongings are destroyed by a natural disaster, use the comprehensive inventory list to know the value of the items lost. If that ever happened, you'd be helped by the content list to file an insurance claim.

Get suitable storage containers

You'll need the right types of packing boxes to keep your stuff safe for the length of the storage period in order to be able to pack for storage.

  • Try buying brand-new cardboard boxes that are sturdy enough for longer to keep your stuff safer. Get durable boxes of identical sizes that are easier to stack so that the vertical storage space is also used.
  • All cardboard containers should be carefully checked for any signs of damage, especially if you intend to use second-hand boxes. Any storage boxes, with zero signs of infestation, must be fully dry and durable.
  • To store your things, use strong plastic bins wherever possible. They are more costly than regular cardboard boxes, but they will last for several years and provide your items with a much better level of protection.

Never pack hazardous items for storage

You should know that there are public storage restrictions on what you can move in storage and what you can't before you start packing your things for storage.

  • Note that you are not authorized to store any goods that are hazardous in nature. And, since they can cause all kinds of issues, you can not store perishable goods.
  • Before you start packing stuff for storage, review the list of prohibited things. 
  • In general, food products of any kind, plants, flammable, explosive items, scented goods, etc should not be packed.
  • Don't pack for storage items that are very costly for you or have high sentimental value. Hold those high-value items at home with you.

If you’re planning to store your belongings in storage, then contact the Safe Storage Facility in West Haven, CT

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