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4 Ideas For Preparing Your Dresser For A Move

February 17, 2022

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4 Ideas For Preparing Your Dresser For A Move
Dressers are bulky and include drawers. Moving a dresser is not an easy thing by any means. Here are some Hands On tips to move a dresser easily.

Dressers demand extra caution while packing and loading because they are big and have drawers to contend with. The most important consideration is ensuring that the drawers are protected so that they do not fall out and cause harm. 

Based on our years of experience, we made a list of 4 ideas for relocating your dresser to make things a little easier.

Preparing your dresser for the move

It's always a good idea to clear a chest of drawers completely prior to relocating it.

At least, clear them of little loose or prone to breakage goods like earrings, as they will slide when you tip a chest of drawers to move up and downstairs, through doorways, or on and off the truck. Only keep shirts, innerwear, scarves,  and other light garments in the drawers if you're transferring them intact.

Remove the Mirrors

Remove any superfluous elements, such as mirrors or shelving, to minimize the possibility of damage. Place the hardware in a zip-top bag, mark it, and tape it inside the dresser for safeguarding as you dismantle it. Take any mirrors or glass shelf from your dresser, tape an X over it to cushion the impact, then cover it in paper cushioning and put it in a mirror box by labeling it as 'fragile'. Wrapping paper cushioning around any wooden shelf is a good idea, but be careful not to get tape on the wood finish.

Wrap your dresser

Wrap any fragile knobs or hinges on your dresser with furniture covers or bubble wrap to safeguard them. This also prevents swinging handles from rattling and scratching the furniture's surface during transport.

It's critical to keep the drawers from slamming shut during relocation and while carrying the dresser. You can either entirely remove the drawers or just wrap and cushion the dresser to ensure that they stay shut. If you decide to remove the drawers, cover them in furniture blankets with care.

Cover the top of the dresser with one or two large moving blankets, allowing them to drape over the sides.

Hire Movers

Never move a dresser by yourself, except if it is small and made for kids. Usually, dressers are heavy and need to be handled with care. So, hire a professional moving company to assist you.

If you need help with moving your dresser, contact the Furniture Moving Company in New Haven, CT

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