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Gun Safe Movers in Connecticut

Serving: New Haven, Fairfield and Hartford Counties

Gun Safe Moving & Delivery Services

Gun Safe Movers

If you need safe or gun safe moving from one residence to another in Connecticut, or even out of state, our Hands On safe moving service can handle your needs. Our own professional safe installation crews take every precaution and use specialized equipment to move your safe without damaging it. Gun safes can be large and cumbersome when moving, so it’s best to leave this big project to the pros. Hands On Moving have the experience and expertise to move gun safes with ease and efficiency. To receive a quote from our safe moving experts, contact us or call us at (203) 937-2156. Please be prepared with the make, model and size of the safe to help us with our safe moving questions. If you are unsure of these, please have the dimensions and weight of safe handy.


For ground floor to ground floor safe moves, we have a minimum gun safe moving rate. Size, weight, additional steps or stairs, and long travel distances will increase the cost accordingly. Our safe moving service includes unbolting your safe, wrapping/boxing it to protect its finish, transporting it, protecting your flooring and threshold as needed.

Before your gun safe can be moved, there are few steps to take to safely prepare it for transport:

  •  For the safety of all people and items involved in the moving process, please clear your gun safe of all firearms and ammunition before moving day and ensure that no weapons are loaded.
  •   If your gun safe is bolted to the floor, which many are, please unbolt it. Our gun safe movers can lend a hand to anyone who needs help with this process.
  •  When moving out of state, research the gun ownership and transportation laws of the state you’re moving to. Many states have different gun laws, and you may need to prepare to meet legal gun ownership requirements.

Hands On Moving And Storage is atop moving company in New Haven, Connecticut. When moving a safe, trust our Hands On Safes delivery team to have the right delivery services for the installation of your safe, gun safe or vault.

If you have any questions about this, or any other moving and storage questions, the experts at Hands On Moving and Storage will be happy to assist.

Why We’re the Right Solution for Your Junk Removal ?

Price: We are more affordable than the large franchise junk removal companies. We quote you before starting any work so you know exactly what you’re paying.

Professionalism: Our team is always professional and takes great pride in delivering top notch customer service.

With hundreds of moves under our belt you can rest assured you’re in good hands. We make sure that your home or office is well taken care of while our team is on site.

We’re Local:
The Hands On Moving team is from New Haven and knows the area very well.

Avoid Injuries:
Removing old furniture or appliances is hard work. It’s also easy to injure yourself trying to lift heavy items, or get cut on a broken piece of furniture. Avoid the risk of injury and leave it to our team of fully insured professionals.

Cost Effective:
If you remove your junk you will likely have to rent a truck, pay to dump it, take the time to research where to bring the different items, in addition to spending the necessary time and energy to load and transport discarded items. With Hands On Moving, you’ll simply receive a cost effective estimate and have one flat rate at the end of the service once all your junk is removed.

Feel Better: There is a known correlation between an orderly environment and a person’s mood & health. You can count on Hands On Moving to removed the clutter from your space, and help facilitate a favorable flow of energy while positively affecting your overall mood.

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